ISSUE № 3, 2020

Busarieva Tetiana
Knowledge resource of the development of the national economy of Ukraine

Zayats Olena
Approaches to assessing the impact of the country’s accession to an integration grouping on its competitive force

Boiko Natalia, Zaiats Olga
Features of lending to transport companies in modern

Buntova Natalia
Basic directions and technologies of sustainable development in the hospitality and tourism industry

Zlydnyk Marta
International assessment of competitiveness of state food products

Kolodiychyk Bolodymyr, Krypka Zoriana
Organizational and economic conditions for ensuring effective management of logistics functions

Kutsenko Maryna
Cognitive approaches to territorial development project management

Makedon Halyna
The macroeconomic role of household savings

Mysyk Viktoriya
Factors of event management construction and development

Mishchenko Alina, Degtyaryova Natalia
Transformations in the infrastructure of the stock market of Ukraine

Nagorichna Olga, Ruda Tetiana
Research of prerequisites for formation of social capital of the state customs service of Ukraine

Naumova Maryna, Honcharuk Nataliia
Education system as a determinant of effective functioning of the labor market of Ukraine

Novoitenko Iryna, Malynovskyi Vitalii
Personal data protection as a business trend

Pavlenko Oksana
Dynamic development of Ukrainian agricultural insurance market

Peryt Irynа
Study of the structure and dynamics of indicators of activity of domestic private enterprises in the modern economy

Poberezhna Zarina
Diagnosis of macroeconomic factors of influence on the aviation industry by the method of pest-analysis

Rudaya Maryna
Approaches to the method of discounting the cost of financial instruments

Rudevska Viktoria
The essence of the concepts of business models and strategies of the bank and their place in the business architecture of the banking sector

Sakhno Iryna
Management of competitiveness enterprise: strategic aspect

Stakhurska Svitlana, Tkatchuk Svitlana, Stakhurskiy Valerii
Management of changes in the development of the organization: approaches and models

Termosa Iryna
Diversification as one aspect of sustainable development of the agricultural sector of the Ukrainian economy

Tomilin Oleksii, Dorogan-Pysarenko Liudmyla
Bank lending to the agricultural sector of the economy in market conditions of economy

Sheludko Ella, Zavgorodnia Mariia
Problems of industry development in Ukraine under coronacrisis

Boiko Vitalii, Hnatyshyn Liudmyla
Organizational and economic fundamentals of innovative management agricultural sector development of Ukraine

Butnik-Siversky Oleksandr, Kotkova Natalya
Econometric evaluation of efficiency of innovation and investment potential in the food industry of Ukraine

Andreichenko Andrii, Нorbachenko Stanislav
Identification of personal qualities of it-sphere project managers

Dragan Olena
Management of talents as constituent of intellectual capital of the enterprise in the conditions of intellectualization of economy

Reshetnikova Irina
Prospects and problems of logistics development based on the principles of sustainable development