ISSUE № 5, 2019

Baranovska Sofiya, Tesak Oleksandra
Competitiveness of the enterprise: management, analysis, prospects

Bilotserkivskyi Oleksandr
Rating and selecting crm systems for trade enterprises management

Bogdan Natalia, Ryabev Anton, Segeda Iryna
Tools for forming tourism development strategy in ukraine: realization of regional tourist potential

Bodrov Volodymyr
The concept of universal basic income as the basis for the policy of social equalization and improving the quality of life

Bratus Hanna
Genesis of the state regulation of the education system as a priority area of the economy of knowledge

Budnyk Liudmyla, Mykhailyshyn Nadiia
Organizational and methodological aspects of the expert evaluation of the enterprise’s accounting policy

Kitc Rudolf
Having a special purpose indexes are in mechanisms of providing of financial stability of macroeconomic systems

Kovalova Mariia
Logistics management: features and principles

Korinko Mykola
Management control in the system of functioning of subjects of economy

Magomedova Alina
Development trends of external labor migration in Ukraine

Markina Natalia
Organization of the process of budgeting of enterprises of the energy industry

Melnyk Leonid
Construction model of formation of resource potential of mortgage lending

Petrov Pavlo
Transfer pricing in bank treasury

Pryakhina Kateryna
Supply logistics management of enterprise: strategies lean & agile

Rybachuk-Yarova Tetiana, Polinchyk-Yarova Tetiana
The assortment policy formation as an element of the enterprise competition strategy

Rudachenko Olga, Bibik Nataliya, Chekh Nataliya
Theoretical principles of the country’s financial management system formation

Ruden’ Vasyl
On the essence and motives of in choosing the implementation of the economic health care system in Ukraine as a country with market economy

Spatar Alexander
The problem of development of the pipeline transport system in the Nikolaev region

Stechyshyn Tetiana, Metlushko Olha
The role of the banking system of Ukraine in supporting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises

Chernukha Tetiana
Association of higher education institutions as a perspective for the institutional system of higher education development of Ukraine in the context of globalization

Yakovyuk Victor
Directions for improving the management of transboundary water resources by the example of the western bug river

Vyshnevskyi Viktor, Taranenko Anton
Innovations in the tourist sphere of kyiv and their efficiency

Grechan Pavlo
Innovation activity of motor transport enterprises in Ukraine

Gutkevych Svitlana, Smyk Roman
The main directions of investment attractiveness formation in agrarian sector of economy of Ukraine

Kuznietsova Nataliia
Influence of direct foreign investments on the economic development of developing countries (from the case of Mexico)

Shyshkova Yuliia
Basic conditions, factors, instruments and mechanisms of innovation-technological activity state regulation in the policy of technical technology and technology

Voskalo Volodymyr, Voskalo Natalia
Intellectual capital through the accounting method of accounting

Shiposha Valeriy
Theoretical and methodological approaches to defining the concept of “economic cluster”, essence and structure

Likhota Oleksandr
Economic characteristics and the role of integrated systems in the economy of Ukraine