ISSUE № 2, 2018

Bilotserkivskyi O.
Tourist services as an important aspect of international trade

Konokhov S.
Transformational genesis of eu common agricultural policy: global economic prospect

Maslo R.
Analysis of the factor system of the development of international activity of small cities

Radionov Yu.
Budget expenditures in developed countries and transforming economies

Rizva L.
Tariff and regular regulation as tools for implementation of economic diplomacy of Ukraine

Taranenko N.
Real estate market as a dynamic and differential complex of the global market

Topolnytska T.
Formation of image of the company on foreign markets

Shapran Y., Shapran O., Sosnov I.
Increasing the effectiveness of marketing activities of international trade enterprises on the basis of the theory of fuzzy systems

Babets I.

State policy of import substitution as an instrument for strengthening economic security of Ukraine

Balanchuk D.
Evaluation of the efficiency of the bank’s corporate segment

Butnick-Siversky A., Kotkova N.
The actual aspects of the restructuring of the spirit industry in Ukraine

Vasurenko L.
Strategic benchmarks of the state regulation of organization of remuneration of labour

Dyskina A.
Personal potential – an important factor of economic development of the enterprise

Dolha H.
Psychological aspects of personnel management: problems of theory and practice

lina M., Shpyliova Y.
Development of rural communities in Ukraine based on active-oriented approach

Ilchenko T.
Actual aspects of an effective program development for industrial production improving

Kamratov S.
Strategy of forestry enterprises in the system of strategic management

Kirnos I.
Retirment age: willingness of the employees to continue working

Korinko M.
Primary documents are in confirmation of reality of course of business

Korchynska O.
Unconditional basic income as a management tool of poverty

Malyarchuk A., Boyko O.
Analysis of the financial state of the local budgets of ukraine in the conditions of decentralization

Myronchuk V.
Problems of agreement between mechanisms of the budget and monetary policy of the state

Ostroverkh H.
Application of the management approach to efficient development of ukraine railway transport enterprises

Ostrovskaya N.
Economic case of bank risks

Sukhostavets A.
The use of mathematical methods and models in social capital research

Khytrovа О. strong>
Peculiarities of anti-crisis management by social-economic systems at national and regional levels

Demyanenko T.
Functions of innovation and investment development of industrial enterprises

Dragan O.
Introduction of outsourcing technology for improvement of business processes of the enterprise

Kolomiiets V.
Education as a form of investments in the human capital of national economy

Kukosh M.
Evaluation of the region’s investment potential from the position of districts with the use of the method of multidimensional scaling

Sokolyuk S.
Methods and principles of organization of innovative activities of enterprises

Shevchenko Yu.
Implementation of the sustainable development concept in investment behaviour of TNC

Grosul V., Kalenik K.

Formation of the model of PEST-factors of restaurant business enterprises

Zasadnyi B.
The features of documentation of entities operations in conditions of application IFRS

Karpenko O.
Human capital efficient management as a defining factor of enterprises economic development

Kordzaia N.
Messenger marketing main features

Korol Ya.
Processing approach to commercialization of intellectual property objects on domestic enterprises

Kryhivska N.
Analytical evaluation of preparedness the enterprises of the oil and gas complex to partnership with educational and scientific structures

Liudvenko D.
Features of management, accounting and restructuring non-core assets in agriculture

Nesterenko O.
Binary system of the intellectual capital estimation in the integrated reporting

Lozovska N., Strus L.
The formation of the students’ creative environmental economic thinking for sustainable development

Popyk O.
Organizational&economic support for stray animals regulation (environmentally oriented approach)