ISSUE № 6, 2018

Egle Dmukauskaite, Virignija Jurėnienė
Business development model in a creative hub

Rusne Jankunaite, Dovile Baleviciene
European capital of culture project success evaluation with critical success factors

Ivanova T.
Analysis of international experience of social responsible investment

Parsyak V., Zhukova O.
Development of expansion strategy for external markets by small enterprises

Tiutiunyk I., Kotenko N.
Global practices of construction of the system of administration for value added tax

Bezrodnaya S.
essence and attributes concept of enterprise competitiveness

Golyash I.
Audit of effective usage of online business resourses of the enterprise

Dziubanovska N., Hural I.
Evaluation OF β- and σ-convergence of development of Ukrainian regions in indicators of foreign trade

Zerkal A.
Commercial awareness’ influence to formation competitive advantages of the enterprise

Kalachevska L.
Agricultural cooperation in the context of innovative development of agricultural territories in Ukraine

Kovalenko-Marchenkova Ye., Kirnos O., Borodin M.
Theoretical aspects of the enterprise’s economic condition assessment

Kolinko N.
Target-costing as perspective method of instituciynogo providing of management charges of production

Kuchmyeyev O.
Features of risk management organization in logistics systems of trade enterprises

Lishchynskyy I.
Basic principles of the growth pole strategies

Matkovsky P.
Types, objects and organizational legal forms of enterprise in agricultural

Onyshchuk V., Vashchuk O.
Formation of population income and its impact on the living standards

Ruba O.
Improvement of the method of evaluation of interest of participants of pharmaceutical enterprise

Rudaya M.
Transfer price mechanism in operations with fonds in the conditions of economic globalization

Khobta V., Pankova M.
Integrated evaluation of the enterprise economic security level

Tsyganova О.
Ensuring the functioning of the controlling system in an industrial enterprise

Shelemetieva T.
SWOT-analysis as a tool for the process of management of tourism development in Ukraine

Yudina M.
Effect of tax loading for development of economic potential of domestic enterprises

Apanasenko V.
Analysis of financing of basic capital in different economic levels of economy

Kravchun A.
Methodology of the spatial analysis of the investment landscape of Ukraine

Nagornyi I.
Improvement of monitoring and control system during realization of ppp projects in Ukraine

Udovychenko S.
Legal basis for the implementation of technology transfer

Babiak N., Bilotska I.
Business environment – corporate financial strategies: problems of synchronization in Ukraine

Gutkevych S., Shenderivska L.
Management of printing enterprises development

Zadorozhnіuk N.
Application of the basis of creative management in motivation of it professionals

Krasnostup V.
Readiness of machine building enterprises to organizational changes

Kuzmenko O., Dotsenko T., Haponova O.
Economic and mathematical modeling assessment of the financial state of the lender in the new conditions of business

Stankevych I., Borysevych Ye., Zhukovska L.
Development of modern energy management: tarif setting in provading heat supply services to consumers

Kuznyetsova G.O.
The main parameters of the wind flow, the specifics of calculating the resource and economic efficiency of wind power in the regions

Londarenko D.
Neoindustrial aspects of the development of innovation and technological activity of the regional economy